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Comparisons of social and demographic determinants of tobacco use in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Author(s): Brian Colwell, Kizito B. A. Mosema, Matthew S. Bramble, and Jay Maddock
Journal: Globalization and Health (JUL 2020) , 16(Article number 66); DOI: 10.1186/s12992-020-00593-0
Topic(s): Adult Health Issues
Country(s): Congo Democratic Republic
Web: Background
Determinants of nutritional status among children under age 5 in Ethiopia: further analysis of the 2016 Ethiopia demographic and health survey
Author(s): Zerihun Yohannes Amare, Mossa Endris Ahmed, and Adey Belete Mehari
Journal: Globalization and Health (NOV 2019) , 15(1): 1-11; DOI: 10.1186/s12992-019-0505-7
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Nutrition
Country(s): Ethiopia
Agricultural trade policies and child nutrition in low- and middle-income countries: a cross-national analysis
Author(s): Kafui Adjaye-Gbewonyo, Sebastian Vollmer, Mauricio Avendano, and Kenneth Harttgen
Journal: Globalization and Health (MAR 2019) , 15(21); DOI: 10.1186/s12992-019-0463-0
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Gender , Nutrition
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Does quality influence utilization of primary health care? Evidence from Haiti
Author(s): Anna D. Gage, Hannah H. Leslie, Asaf Bitton, J. Gregory Jerome, Jean Paul Joseph, Roody Thermidor, and Margaret E. Kruk
Journal: Globalization and Health (JUN 2018) , 14(1):59; DOI: 10.1186/s12992-018-0379-0.
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Maternal Health , Other , Wealth/Socioeconomics
Country(s): Haiti
Determinants of early neonatal mortality in Afghanistan: an analysis of the Demographic and Health Survey 2015
Author(s): Gulam Muhammed Al Kibria, Vanessa Burrowes, Allysha Choudhury, Atia Sharmeen, Swagata Ghosh, Arif Mahmud, and Angela KC
Journal: Globalization and Health (MAY 2018) , 14:47; DOI: 10.1186/s12992-018-0363-8
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Infant and Child Mortality
Country(s): Afghanistan
Community-based conservation reduces sexual risk factors for HIV among men
Author(s): Robin Naidoo, and Kiersten Johnson
Journal: Globalization and Health (JUL 2013) , 9: 27. doi: 10.1186/1744-8603-9-27
Topic(s): HIV/AIDS
Country(s): Namibia
Healthy lifestyle behaviour among Ghanaian adults in the phase of a health policy change
Author(s): Henry A Tagoe and Fidelia AA Dake
Journal: Globalization and Health (SEP 2011) , 2011 7:7 doi:10.1186/1744-8603-7-7
Topic(s): Adult Health Issues
Country(s): Ghana
Results (1 - 7) of 7 Page(s): 1