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Predictors of teenage pregnancy in Ethiopia: a multilevel analysis
Author(s): Betelhem Eshetu Birhanu, Deresse Legesse Kebede, Alemayehu Bayray Kahsay, and Abate Bekele Belachew
Journal: BMC Public Health (DEC 2019) , 19(1): 1-10; DOI: 10.1186/s12889-019-6845-7
Topic(s): Maternal Health , Youth
Country(s): Ethiopia
Factors associated with induced abortion in Nepal: data from a nationally representative population-based cross-sectional survey
Author(s): Suresh Mehata, Jamie Menzel, Navaraj Bhattarai, Sharad Kumar Sharma, Mukta Shah, Erin Pearson, and Kathryn Andersen
Journal: Reproductive Health (DEC 2019) , 16(1): 1-8; DOI: 10.1186/s12978-019-0732-7
Topic(s): Family Planning , Maternal Health
Country(s): Nepal
Association between malnutrition and anemia in under-five children and women of reproductive age: Evidence from Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey 2011
Author(s): M. Shafiqur Rahman, Muntaha Mushfiquee, Mohammad Shahed Masud, and Tamanna Howlader
Journal: PLoS ONE (JUL 2019) , 14(7): e0219170; DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0219170
Topic(s): Anemia , Child Health and Development , Malaria , Maternal Health , Nutrition
Country(s): Bangladesh
Assessment of the impact of availability and readiness of malaria services on uptake of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp) provided during ANC visits in Tanzania
Author(s): Shraddha Bajaria, Charles Festo, Sigilbert Mrema, Josephine Shabani, Ellen Hertzmark, and Ramadhani Abdul
Journal: Malaria Journal (JUL 2019) , 18: 229; DOI: 10.1186/s12936-019-2862-3
Topic(s): Malaria , Maternal Health
Country(s): Tanzania
Comparing socioeconomic inequalities between early neonatal mortality and facility delivery: Cross-sectional data from 72 low- and middle-income countries
Author(s): Terhi J. Lohela, Robin C. Nesbitt, Juha Pekkanen, and Sabine Gabrysch
Journal: Scientific Reports (JUL 2019) , 9(1): 9786; DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-45148-5
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Infant and Child Mortality , Maternal Health
Country(s): Multiple Regions
Current Progress and Future Directions in the Double Burden of Malnutrition among Women in South and Southeast Asian Countries
Author(s): Tuhin Biswas, Nick Townsend, R J Soares Magalhaes, Saimul Islam, Mehedi Hasan, and Abdullah Mamun
Journal: Current Developments in Nutrition (JUL 2019) , 3(7): nzz026; DOI: 10.1093/cdn/nzz026
Topic(s): Maternal Health , Nutrition
Country(s): Multiple Asian Countries
Reproductive health decision-making capacity and pregnancy termination among Ghanaian women: Analysis of the 2014 Ghana demographic and health survey
Author(s): Abdul-Aziz Seidu, Bright Opoku Ahinkorah, Wonder Agbemavi, Hubert Amu, and Freda Bonsu
Journal: Journal of Public Health (JUN 2019) , Online first; DOI: 10.1007/s10389-019-01105-0
Topic(s): Family Planning , Gender , Maternal Health
Country(s): Ghana
Inequalities in sub-Saharan African women’s and girls’ health opportunities and outcomes: evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys
Author(s): Clara Pons-Duran, Anna Lucas, Ambar Narayan, Andrew Dabalen, and Clara Menéndez
Journal: Journal of Global Health (JUN 2019) , 9(1); DOI: 10.7189/jogh.09.010410
Topic(s): Maternal Health , Wealth/Socioeconomics , Youth
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Cesarean delivery in Nigeria: prevalence and associated factors?a population-based cross-sectional study
Author(s): Emmanuel O Adewuyi, Asa Auta, Vishnu Khanal, Samson J Tapshak, and Yun Zhao
Journal: BMJ Open (JUN 2019) , 9: e027273; DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-027273
Topic(s): Maternal Health
Country(s): Nigeria
On the Stability of Reported Pregnancy Intentions from Pregnancy to 1 Year Postnatally: Impact of Choice of Measure, Timing of Assessment, Women’s Characteristics and Outcome of Pregnancy
Author(s): J. A. Hall, J. Stephenson, and G. Barrett
Journal: Maternal and Child Health Journal (JUN 2019) , Online first; DOI: 10.1007/s10995-019-02748-x
Topic(s): Fertility and Fertility Preferences , Maternal Health
Country(s): Malawi
Factors determining institutional delivery in eastern part of India
Author(s): Madhumita Mukherjee, and Manas Pratim Roy
Journal: Tzu Chi Medical Journal (JUN 2019) , Online first; DOI: 10.4103/tcmj.tcmj_11_19
Topic(s): Maternal Health
Country(s): India
Spatial patterns and determinants of postnatal care use in Ethiopia: findings from the 2016 demographic and health survey
Author(s): Malede Mequanent Sisay, Tesfahun Taddege Geremew, Yeshambel Worku Demlie, Asaye Tariku Alem, Desalew Kassahun Beyene, Melkitu Fentie Melak, Kassahun Alemu Gelaye, Tadesse Awoke Ayele, and Asrat Atsedeweyn Andargie
Journal: BMJ Open (JUN 2019) , 9: e025066; DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-025066
Topic(s): Maternal Health
Country(s): Ethiopia
Effect of power outages on the use of maternal health services: evidence from Maharashtra, India
Author(s): Mustafa Koroglu, Bridget R Irwin, and Karen A Grépin
Journal: BMJ Global Health (JUN 2019) , 4: e001372; DOI: 10.1136/bmjgh-2018-001372
Topic(s): Maternal Health
Country(s): India
The impact of maternal health care utilisation on routine immunisation coverage of children in Nigeria: a cross-sectional study
Author(s): Onyekachi Ibenelo Anichukwu, and Benedict Oppong Asamoah
Journal: BMJ Open (JUN 2019) , 9: e026324; DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026324
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Maternal Health , Other
Country(s): Nigeria
A Decade of Progress on Scaling up Health and Nutrition Interventions in India: a Countdown to 2030 Case Study (P04-115-19)
Author(s): Purnima Menon, Phuong Nguyen, Rasmi Avula, Sneha Mani, Lan Tran, and Cesar Victora
Journal: Current Developments in Nutrition (JUN 2019) , 3(Supplement 1): nzz051.P04-115-19; DOI: 10.1093/cdn/nzz051.P04-115-19
Topic(s): Anthropometry/Biomarkers , Child Health and Development , Maternal Health , Nutrition
Country(s): India
Determining factors for the prevalence of anemia in women of reproductive age in Nepal: Evidence from recent national survey data
Author(s): Sujan Gautam, Haju Min, Heenyun Kim, and Hyoung-Sun Jeong
Journal: PLoS ONE (JUN 2019) , 14(6): e0218288; DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0218288
Topic(s): Anemia , Malaria , Maternal Health , Nutrition
Country(s): Nepal
Out-of-pocket expenditure and distress financing on institutional delivery in India
Author(s): Suyash Mishra, and Sanjay K. Mohanty
Journal: International Journal for Equity in Health (JUN 2019) , 18(1): 99; DOI: 10.1186/s12939-019-1001-7
Topic(s): Maternal Health
Country(s): India
Socioeconomic correlates of overweight and obesity among ever-married urban women in Bangladesh
Author(s): Tania Sultana Tanwi, Sayan Chakrabarty, Syed Hasanuzzaman, Sue Saltmarsh, and Stephen Winn
Journal: BMC Public Health (JUN 2019) , 19 (Article number: 842); DOI: 10.1186/s12889-019-7221-3
Topic(s): Maternal Health , Nutrition
Country(s): Bangladesh
Armed conflicts and national trends in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health in sub-Saharan Africa: what can national health surveys tell us?
Author(s): Ties Boerma, Hannah Tappis, Ghada Saad-Haddad, Jai Das, Dessalegn Y Melesse, Jocelyn DeJong, Paul Spiegel, Robert Black, Cesar Victora, Zulfiqar A Bhutta, and Aluisio J D Barros
Journal: BMJ Global Health (JUN 2019) , 4(Suppl 4): e001300; DOI: 10.1136/bmjgh-2018-001300
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Maternal Health
Country(s): Multiple African Countries
Correlates and inequality of underweight and overweight among women of reproductive age: Evidence from the 2016 Nepal Demographic Health Survey
Author(s): Anjana Rai, Swadesh Gurung, Subash Thapa, and Naomi M. Saville
Journal: PLoS ONE (MAY 2019) , 14(5): e0216644; DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0216644
Topic(s): Maternal Health , Nutrition , Wealth/Socioeconomics
Country(s): Nepal
Maternal postnatal care in Bangladesh: a closer look at specific content and coverage by different types of providers
Author(s): Eunsoo Timothy Kim, Kavita Singh, and William Weiss
Journal: Journal of Global Health Reports (MAY 2019) , 3: e2019004; DOI:10.29392/joghr.3.e2019004
Topic(s): Maternal Health
Country(s): Bangladesh
Projecting the lives saved by continuing the historical scale-up of child and maternal health interventions in Mozambique until 2030
Author(s): José Maiane Júnior, Réka Maulide Cane, Maria Patrícia Gonçalves, Júlia Sambo, Jacob Konikoff, Quinhas Fernandes, Kátia Ngale, and Timothy Roberton
Journal: Journal of Global Health (MAY 2019) , 9(1):011102; DOI: 10.7189/jogh.09.011102
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Infant and Child Mortality , Maternal Health , Maternal Mortality
Country(s): Mozambique
Using the Uganda Demographic and Health Surveys from 2011 and 2016 to assess changes in Saving Mothers, Giving Life intervention districts
Author(s): Lindsay Mallick, Trinadh Dontamsetti, Thomas Pullum, and Julia Fleuret
Journal: Journal of Global Health Reports (MAY 2019) , 3: e2019026; DOI: 10.29392/joghr.3.e2019026
Topic(s): Anthropometry/Biomarkers , Maternal Health , Nutrition
Country(s): Uganda
Examining the impact of WHO’s Focused Antenatal Care policy on early access, underutilisation and quality of antenatal care services in Malawi: a retrospective study
Author(s): Martina Mchenga, Ronelle Burger, and Dieter von Fintel
Journal: BMC Health Services Research (MAY 2019) , 19(1): 1-14; DOI: 10.1186/s12913-019-4130-1
Topic(s): Maternal Health , Other
Country(s): Malawi
Social, biological, and programmatic factors linking adolescent pregnancy and early childhood undernutrition: a path analysis of India's 2016 National Family and Health Survey
Author(s): Phuong Hong Nguyen, Samuel Scott, Sumanta Neupane, Lan Mai Tran, and Purnima Menon
Journal: Lancet Child & Adolescent Health (MAY 2019) , Online first; DOI: 10.1016/S2352-4642(19)30110-5
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Maternal Health , Nutrition , Youth
Country(s): India
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