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 Journalists' Guide to the Demographic and Health Surveys - updated July 2012

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"What I did is just a tiny fraction of stories that are available from the [DHS] data. Even now, I hear excitement from people in the field…[DHS] drives conversation, it drives policy, and it really changes the whole direction sometimes that the health field is moving in."—John Donnelly, Journalist, formerly of the Boston Globe

DHS News Room

The DHS Program encourages use of DHS data in journalistic reporting across the world. Print, television, radio, and internet media use DHS data to support stories about HIV/AIDS, malaria, maternal and child health, and nutrition.

Media services include:

The DHS Program staff can also set up individual expert interviews or provide assistance in gathering data and brainstorming story ideas.  For more information, contact Erica Nybro at erica.nybro@icfi.com

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