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Inequality in fertility rate among adolescents: evidence from Timor-Leste demographic and health surveys 2009–2016
Author(s): Sanni Yaya, Betregiorgis Zegeye, Bright Opoku Ahinkorah, Kelechi Elizabeth Oladimeji, and Gebretsadik Shibre
Journal: Archives of Public Health (OCT 2020) , 78, Article number: 98
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Education , Fertility and Fertility Preferences , Gender , Household and Respondent Characteristics , Maternal Health , Wealth/Socioeconomics
Country(s): Timor-Leste
Parental Smoking and Under-Five Child Mortality in Southeast Asia: Evidence From Demographic and Health Surveys
Author(s): Helen Andriani, Septiara Putri, Reynaldi Ikhsan Kosasih, and Hsien-Wen Kuo
Journal: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (NOV 2019) , 16(23); DOI: 10.3390/ijerph16234756
Topic(s): Adult Health Issues , Child Health and Development , Infant and Child Mortality
Country(s): Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Timor-Leste
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding Tuberculosis in Timor-Leste: Results From the Demographic and Health Survey 2016
Author(s): Supa Pengpid, and Karl Peltzer
Journal: Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health (FEB 2018) , 52(2): 115-122; DOI: 10.3961/jpmph.18.170
Topic(s): Adult Health Issues
Country(s): Timor-Leste
The Impact of Violence against Women on Reproductive Health and Child Mortality in Timor-Leste
Author(s): Angela J Taft, Rhonda L Powell, and Lyndsey F Watson
Journal: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health (APR 2015) , 39(2): 177-81; DOI: 10.1111/1753-6405.12339
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Domestic Violence , Gender , Infant and Child Mortality , Maternal Health
Country(s): Timor-Leste
Factors associated with non-utilisation of health service for childbirth in Timor-Leste: evidence from the 2009-2010 Demographic and Health Survey
Author(s): Vishnu Khanal, Andy H. Lee, Jonia Lourenca Nunes Brites da Cruz, and Rajendra Karkee
Journal: BMC International Health and Human Rights (MAY 2014) , 14: 14. doi: 10.1186/1472-698X-14-14
Topic(s): Maternal Health
Country(s): Timor-Leste
Factors Associated with Exclusive Breastfeeding in Timor-Leste: Findings from Demographic and Health Survey 2009–2010
Author(s): Vishnu Khanal, Jonia Lourenca Nunes Brites da Cruz, Rajendra Karkee, and Andy H. Lee
Journal: Nutrients (APR 2014) , 6, 1691-1700; doi:10.3390/nu6041691
Topic(s): Nutrition
Country(s): Timor-Leste
Demographic and Spatial Predictors of Anemia in Women of Reproductive Age in Timor-Leste: Implications for Health Program Prioritization
Author(s): Andrew A. Lover, Mikael Hartman, Kee Seng Chia, and David L. Heymann
Journal: PLOS ONE (MAR 2014) , 9(3): e91252. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0091252
Topic(s): Anemia , Malaria , Maternal Health , Nutrition
Country(s): Timor-Leste
Breast-feeding Performance Index: a composite index to describe overall breast-feeding performance among infants under 6 months of age
Author(s): Senarath U, Dibley MJ, Agho KE.
Journal: Public Health Nutrition (OCT 2007) , 10(10):996-1004. Epub 2007 Feb 27.
Topic(s): Child Health and Development , Nutrition
Country(s): Timor-Leste
Results (1 - 8) of 8 Page(s): 1