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ANALYTICAL - Working Papers
ID Title Published Publication SubType In Print
WP141 Determinants of Risky Sexual Behavior Among the Youth in Malawi (English) 06/2018 Working Papers No
WP140 The Effect of Internal Migration on the Use of Reproductive and Maternal Health Services in Nepal (English) 06/2018 Working Papers Yes
WP139 The Association Between Women's Empowerment and Uptake of Child Health Services: A Demographic and Health Survey-Based Synthesis (English) 06/2018 Working Papers Yes
WP138 Factors Affecting Contraceptive Use and Unmet Need among Currently Married Women in Afghanistan: Further Analysis of the 2015 Afghanistan Demographic and Health Survey (English) 06/2018 Working Papers Yes
WP137 Facility Delivery and Postnatal Care Services Use among Mothers Who Attended Four or More Antenatal Care Visits in Ethiopia: Further Analysis of the 2016 Demographic and Health Survey (English) 06/2018 Working Papers Yes
WP136 Feeding Practices and Nutritional Status of Children Age 6-23 Months in Myanmar: Further Analysis of the 2015-16 Demographic and Health Survey (English) 06/2018 Working Papers Yes
WP142 Using the Uganda Demographic and Health Surveys from 2011 and 2016 to Assess Changes in Saving Mothers, Giving Life Intervention Districts (English) 05/2018 Working Papers Yes
WP135 Household and Community Risk Factors and Child Well-Being in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (English) 02/2018 Working Papers Yes
WP134 Knowledge about HIV and Discriminatory Attitudes toward People Living with HIV in Pakistan (English) 07/2017 Working Papers Yes
WP133 Continuum of Maternal Health Care and the Use of Postpartum Family Planning in Nepal (English) 07/2017 Working Papers Yes
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