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Mozambique AIS, 2009
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Fishel, Joy D., Sarah E.K. Bradley, Peter W. Young, Francisco Mbofana, and Carlos Botão. 2011. HIV among couples in Mozambique: HIV status, knowledge of status, and factors associated with HIV serodiscordance. Further analysis of the 2009 Inquérito Nacional de Prevalência, Riscos Comportamentais e Informação sobre o HIV e SIDA em Moçambique. DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 71. Calverton, Maryland, USA: ICF International.
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December 2011
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One in ten cohabiting couples in Mozambique is discordant, that is, one member is HIV- positive while the other is HIV-negative. In recent years, interest in the spread of HIV within stable sexual partnerships has increased. The 2009 Mozambique INSIDA collected information on HIV serostatus, risk behaviors, and other background characteristics, allowing cohabitating couples to be matched and analyzed together. This investigation has two complementary objectives: (1) to estimate the number of discordant couples in Mozambique and to provide useful information about these couples, and (2) to identify factors that may help to protect the HIV-negative partner from becoming infected. The report includes a discussion of how the couples data file is created and its representativeness of the population of cohabiting couples in Mozambique, data on the distribution of couples by HIV status and estimates for the number of in Mozambique, and multivariate models to identify factors associated with discordance.


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