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Achieving child-health-related Millennium Development Goals: The role of infrastructure
Authors: Marianne Fay, Danny Leipziger, Quentin Wodon, Tito Yepes
Source: World Development, Volume 33, Issue 8, August 2005, Pages 1267-1284, doi:10.1016/j.worlddev.2005.03.001
Topic(s): Child health
Infant mortality
Country: More than one region
  Multiple Regions
Published: AUG 2005
Abstract: Summary This paper provides an empirical analysis of the determinants of three child- health outcomes related to the Millennium Development Goals: the infant mortality rate, the child mortality rate, and the prevalence of malnutrition. Using data from Demographic and Health Surveys , the paper goes beyond traditional crosscountry regressions by exploiting the variability in outcomes and explanatory variables observed within countries between asset quintiles. The findings suggest that apart from traditional variables (income, assets, education, and direct health interventions), better access to basic infrastructure services has an important role to play in improving child- health outcomes. Key words: Millennium Development Goals; infant mortality; malnutrition; infrastructure