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Knowledge and prevention of HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh: Evidence from Bangladesh demographic and health survey, 2007
Authors: Prosannajid Sarkar
Source: Journal of AIDS and HIV Research , Vol. 2(1) pp. 001 – 007, January, 2010
Topic(s): HIV/AIDS
Country: Asia
Published: JAN 2010
Abstract: There is no way to get rid of the unbearable sufferings from this killer disease, HIV/AIDS: prevention is the only solution to get rid of it. Increasing knowledge of respondents about the long term effects of this disease is the principal objectives of reproductive health programs recently being carried out in the world. This study gives an idea about this type of health problem. This study is mainly based on secondary data. The study reveals that currently married women (71%) have heard more of HIV/AIDS than formerly married women (about 57%), and that TV is the most dominant source for getting information about HIV/AIDS. In this study, it is also proved that avoiding unsafe blood transfusion is one of the best possible ways of preventing HIV/AIDS. Almost all the variables of contingency analysis are significantly associated (highest significant) with HIV/AIDS. Multivariate logistic analysis revealed that currently married women are more likely to use knowledge about HIV/AIDS than formerly married women. Key words: HIV/AIDS, currently married, formerly married, logistic regression analysis, Bangladesh.