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Deciphering the Indian Slip on the Global Hunger Index 2021
Authors: Neetu Choudhary
Source: Economic and Political Weekly, Volume 57, Issue 6
Topic(s): Food insecurity
Country: Asia
Published: FEB 2022
Abstract: The Indian slip on the Global Hunger Index 2021 is being attributed by the government to the alleged methodological discrepancies involved in constructing the GHI. This article, to begin with, counters the government’s argument defending India’s position on the GHI. It further finds that India likely has been undergoing a decline in food security since the mid-2000s itself. The trend is corroborated from the 2019–20 data available for selected states. Though COVID-19 has compounded the food insecurity challenges, India’s position on the GHI cannot be attributed to the pandemic alone. Rather, it reflects a trend that India has been experiencing for sometime now.