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Determinants of HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Malawi: evidence from the demographic and health survey
Authors: Roger Antabe, Yujiro Sano, Kilian N. Atuoye and Jemima N. Baada
Source: African Geographical Review, DOI: 10.1080/19376812.2022.2086591
Topic(s): Accepting attitudes toward people living with HIV (PLHIV)
Country: Africa
Published: JUN 2022
Abstract: HIV-related stigma and discrimination are counterproductive to addressing the HIV epidemic in Malawi. Yet, there are dearth of studies interrogating the predictors of HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Malawi. Using the 2015-2016 Malawi DHS and applying complementary log-log model, we found that 19% of women and 15% of men endorsed HIV-related stigma and discrimination. In addition, HIV-related stigma and discrimination was associated with a set of psychosocial, demographic, and socioeconomic factors. For example, having never been tested for HIV was associated with stigma and discrimination among women (OR=1.51, p<0.001) and men (OR=1.45, p<0.001). We discuss policy implications of our findings.