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Physical Intimate Partner Violence Justification and Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya: Evidence from the Demographic and Health Survey
Authors: Yujiro Sano, Irenius Konkor, Roger Antabe, and Rosalind Ragetlie
Source: Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, DOI:
Topic(s): Female genital cutting (FGC)
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
Country: Africa
Published: JAN 2021
Abstract: Despite the dire physical, mental, and psychological consequences, research shows that some women justify the act of physical intimate partner violence in sub-Saharan Africa including Kenya. Understanding female genital mutilation as a social norm that may be culturally sanctioned, we used the 2014 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey to explore the association between married women’s physical intimate partner violence justification and female genital mutilation status. Findings revealed that women who have undergone female genital mutilation were more likely to justify physical intimate partner violence than those who have not even after controlling for theoretically relevant variables (OR = 1.18; p < .01). Some policy recommendations and directions for future research were discussed.