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Interpretations and Implications of Increasing Obesity in India: Data on Women from National Health Surveys
Authors: Sourindra Mohan Ghosh, and Imrana Qadeer
Source: Economic and Political Weekly, 55(1)
Topic(s): Body Mass Index (BMI)
Women's health
Country: Asia
Published: JAN 2020
Abstract: The National Family Health Survey-3 and 4 data show that in the past 10 years, overweight/obesity among women in terms of Body Mass Index has increased quite sharply. In the Indian context, undernutrition and obesity are not separate problems. A large proportion of overweight/obese women are undernourished, with small stature, food transition towards more fats and increasingly sedentary lifestyles making them vulnerable towards being overweight/obese. More diversified diet reduces the risk of overweight/obesity. It is suggested that adequate and good quality diversified diets need to be ensured for comprehensive energy and nutrient adequacy. This requires an overhaul of India’s food programmes.