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Indoor air pollution in India and baby’s size at birth: Is there a link?
Authors: Ghosh, S.
Source: World Health and Population, Page: 1-17
Topic(s): Birth weight
Household solid fuel use
Country: Asia
Published: DEC 2006
Abstract: An association between exposure to biofuels and adverse pregnancy outcomes has been reported in some developing countries of Asia and Latin America. In India, where more than 70% of households use biomass for cooking and heating purposes, hardly any research has been done to find out if there is a possible link between exposure to biofuels and adverse pregnancy outcomes. In the present study, an attempt has been made to find out if there is a plausible link between indoor air pollution (as determined by exposure to biofuels) and a baby's size at birth (a proxy for low birth weight), in India, by using data from the National Family Health Survey, 1998-99. The results of logistic regressions show that using biomass as cooking fuel is a very significant predictor in determining a baby's size at birth, even after controlling for a number of confounding variables. In addition, there are other demographic, socio-economic and spatial characteristics that have a very significant influence in determining the size of a baby at birth in India.