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Determinants of unmet need for family planning among married women of reproductive age in Burundi: a cross-sectional study
Authors: Athanase Nzokirishaka, and Imose Itua
Source: Contraception and Reproductive Medicine, 3:11; DOI: 10.1186/s40834-018-0062-0
Topic(s): Family planning
Reproductive health
Unmet need
Country: Africa
Published: JUN 2018
Abstract: Background High unmet need for family planning (32.4%) characterized Burundi in 2010. However, there has not been any study examining the relationship between unmet need and associated factors in Burundi. The present study aims at determining the demographic, socioeconomic and other factors underlying the unmet need for contraception among married women aged 15-49 in Burundi. Methods This study used data from the 2010 Burundi Demographic and Health Survey. Total unmet need, unmet need for spacing and for limiting were used as outcomes and demographic, socioeconomic and other factors as independent variables. After a descriptive analysis of the study population (n?=?5421), the association between the three outcomes and the independent variables were analysed using logistic regression. Odds ratios with their 95% confidence intervals were calculated with statistical significance at p?