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Influence of malaria on anemia levels among children less than 60 months of age
Authors: Douglas Andabati CandiaB
Source: International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research, 2(3): 153-157
Topic(s): Anemia
Child health
Children under five
Country: Africa
Published: MAY 2017
Abstract: This study aimed at determining the influence of malaria on anemia levels among children less than 60 months of age. An ordered logistic regression model was adopted using secondary data from the Uganda Malaria Indicator Survey. A child’s anemia level was significantly affected by malaria status, child’s age, child’s sex, mother’s education, region and wealth quintile. The risk of anemia in children increased among those suffering from malaria (OR=3.68, p=0.00). The risk of anemia reduced with; increase in a child’s age, being female, increase in mother’s education, residing in the Western region and increase in wealth quintile. The study recommended emphasis on the fight against malaria through interventions to reduce malaria transmission such as utilization of long lasting insecticide treated nets, indoor residual spraying and chemoprevention in children in addition to promoting uptake of nutritious foods rich in iron and other minerals essential for proper growth in children. Keywords: anemia, malaria, children, Uganda