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The Nexus between Child Marriage and Women Empowerment with Physical Violence in Two Culturally Distinct States of India
Authors: Jayakant Singh, and Enu Anand
Source: International Journal of Population Research, Volume 2015, Article ID 458654, 9 pages;
Topic(s): Child marriage
Gender-based violence (GBV)
Women’s empowerment
Country: Asia
Published: OCT 2015
Abstract: Summary. We investigated the relationship between child marriage among young women and their level of empowerment with spousal physical violence in two culturally distinct states of India (Bihar and Tamil Nadu) using nationally representative survey data. Empowerment index was calculated taking into account parameters such as mobility, economic independence, and decision-making power of a woman using Principal Component Analysis method. Lower level of women empowerment was significantly associated with physical violence in Tamil Nadu (OR = 2.38, ) whereas marriage before the age of 15 was associated with physical violence in Bihar (OR = 3.27, ). The mean age at marriage was low among women who reported physical violence as compared to those who did not report physical violence across Bihar and Tamil Nadu and at all India level. Although the majority of the women in Tamil Nadu justified wife beating and witnessed father beating mother as compared to the women from Bihar, however, they were less likely to report physical violence than women from Bihar. Factors contributing to physical violence are distinct in Bihar and Tamil Nadu. Culture specific intervention may be considered while planning intervention strategies to curb spousal violence against women.