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Does Contraceptive Use Effect overweight/Obesity among Indian Women? Findings from a Nationwide Cross Sectional Survey
Authors: Sutapa Agrawal, and Praween Agrawal
Source: Research and Practice in Social Sciences, Vol. 7, No.1
Topic(s): Contraception
Women's health
Country: Asia
Published: AUG 2011
Abstract: Perceived weight gain is a common complaint among women who use oral contraceptives, Intrauterine device (IUD) and sterilization. We examined the effects of pill, IUD and sterilization by its duration of use on overweight/obesity among married Indian women. Analysis used information from 75,554 currently married women aged 15?49 years, included in India’s NFHS-2, 1998?99. Effect of Pill, IUD and sterilization on overweight/obesity is estimated using binary logistic regression, controlling for age, parity, education, religion, caste/tribe status, household living standard, food habits and urban/rural residence. No effect of longer duration of sterilization (OR=1.15;95%CI: 0.84?1.57) as well as IUD (OR=1.19;95%CI:0.84?1.69) on overweight/obesity was found when women’s socio-economic and demographic characteristics were controlled. However, prolonged duration (4+years) of pill use was found to be associated with overweight/obesity (OR=2.20;95%CI:1.45?3.33). A public health message that IUD and sterilization are not associated with overweight/obesity should be promoted and prolonged pill use should be avoided.