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Is Economic Inequality in Infant Mortality Higher in Urban Than in Rural India?
Authors: Abhishek Kumar, and Abhishek Singh
Source: Maternal and Child Health Journal, Feb 21. [Epub ahead of print]
Topic(s): Economics
Infant mortality
Rural-urban differentials
Country: Asia
Published: FEB 2014
Abstract: This paper examines the trends in economic inequality in infant mortality across urban–rural residence in India over last 14 years. We analysed data from the three successive rounds of the National Family Health Survey conducted in India during 1992–1993, 1998–1999, and 2005–2006. Asset-based household wealth index was used as the economic indicator for the study. Concentration index and pooled logistic regression analysis were applied to measure the extent of economic inequality in infant mortality in urban and rural India. Infant mortality rate differs considerably by urban–rural residence: infant mortality in rural India being substantially higher than that in urban India. The findings suggest that economic inequalities are higher in urban than in rural India in each of the three survey rounds. Pooled logistic regression results suggest that, in urban areas, infant mortality has declined by 22 % in poorest and 43 % in richest. In comparison, the decline is 29 and 32 % respectively in rural India. Economic inequality in infant mortality has widened more in urban than in rural India in the last two decades.