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Determinants of inequality in child malnutrition in India: the poverty-undernutrition linkage.
Authors: Mazumdar, Sumit
Source: Asian Population Studies, Nov2010, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p307-333, 27p; DOI: 10.1080/17441730.2010.512763
Topic(s): Child health
Country: Asia
Published: NOV 2010
Abstract: This paper aims to explore the linkage between poverty and inequality in malnutrition through decomposition analysis using data from the National Family Health Survey-3 (NFHS-3) conducted in 2005-2006. Association between inequality in malnutrition and income inequality and poverty is observed at the state level. Inequality is analysed using the concentration index, which is further decomposed to identify the factors associated with inequality in malnutrition. Poverty, in terms of the wealth index, has considerable impact on average rates of malnutrition, indicating a disproportional burden of malnutrition on the poor. At the macro-economic level, overall socio-economic inequality correlates moderately with the inequality in malnutrition. On decomposition, poverty alone explains more than half of the inequality in malnutrition, which justifies the poverty-nutrition inequality linkage. The paper highlights the influence of poverty in worsening malnutrition, leading to unequal nutritional outcomes among children in India