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Living and health conditions of selected cities in India: Setting priorities for the National Urban Health Mission
Authors: Srinivas Goli, P. Arokiasamy, Aparajita Chattopadhayay
Source: Cities, 28 (2011) 461–469
Topic(s): Adult health
Country: Asia
Published: APR 2010
Abstract: The concept of ‘‘healthy city’’ promotes the physical, mental, social, and environmental well-being of people who live and work in urban areas. Fostering sustainably healthy cities is the prime objective of the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) in India. However, attaining this goal requires establishing priorities, key concerns, strategies and guidelines for action. This paper aims to assist policymakers by providing critical insights into the health and living conditions in selected major cities in India, with special emphasis on slums. This paper presents evidence that many of India’s major cities face significant deficits in the provision of basic amenities, including shelter, safe drinking water, improved sanitation and electricity. Demographic and health conditions in these cities lag far behind the goals set forth in national policies almost a decade ago. Despite the apparent proximity of city dwellers to urban health facilities, less than one third of the urbanites in India utilize government health facilities.