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Prevalence of Undernutrition and Change Detection among under five years Children of Empowered Action Group States in India: Scrutinizing from National Family Health Survey, 2016–2021
Authors: Arabinda Roy and Mostafijur Rahaman
Source: Ecology of Food and Nutrition, DOI:
Topic(s): Children under five
Country: Asia
Published: AUG 2023
Abstract: Change detection and prevalence of child undernutrition among the Empowered Action Group (EAG) states of India were studied using National Family Health Survey-4 and 5 data. The results identified that the prevalence of undernutrition in most of the EAG states is still more than 30%. Although stunting and underweight have decreased in all EAG states, this pattern is higher than that of the national level but the prevalence of wasting has only increased in Bihar. Strengthening public health initiatives and collaborative endeavor between organizations, enhancing mother’s education, increasing awareness, and raising the economic as well as sociopolitical empowerment of mothers are essential for addressing the undernutrition issue