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Prevalence and determinants of self-reported high blood pressure among women of reproductive age in Benin: a population-based study
Authors: Michael Ekholuenetale and Amadou Barrow
Source: Clinical Hypertension, Volume 26, Issue 12; DOI:
Topic(s): Blood pressure
Reproductive health
Women's health
Country: Africa
Published: JUL 2020
Abstract: Background Addressing chronic diseases is a challenge for healthcare systems worldwide, which have largely developed to deal with acute episodic care, rather than to provide organized care for people with age-long conditions. Therefore, exploring the prevalence and identifying the risk factors is a major approach to prevention and control of chronic diseases. The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence and factors associated with self-reported high blood pressure among women of reproductive age in Benin. Methods We utilized population-based cross-sectional data from Benin Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS). BDHS 2017–18 is the round V of the survey. A total of 7712 women of reproductive age were included in this study. The outcome variable was self-reported high blood pressure. Percentages, chi-square test and multivariable logistic regression model were used to analyze the data. Results from the multivariable logistic model were presented as adjusted odds ratio (aOR) and confidence interval (95%CI). The significance level was set at p?