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The Consequences of Forcing Pregnant Girls Out of School: a Study Focused on Tanzania
Authors: Rachel Hagues and Sara Helms McCarty
Source: Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, Volume 7; DOI:
Topic(s): Education
Pregnancy outcomes
Women's autonomy
Country: Africa
Published: JAN 2022
Abstract: Tanzania’s policy toward pregnant schoolgirls has been to expel them from public school and not permit them to return. Yet, research shows that when women and girls pursue an education, they have better life outcomes. Herein, we seek to examine the relationship between delaying pregnancy and educational attainment, employment, and select wealth indicators utilizing data from Tanzania’s Demographic and Health Survey. Findings indicate that young women who complete an education do indeed have better economic outcomes and enhanced well-being. The link between pregnancy and educational attainment has implications for delaying childbirth. Findings related to education and age at first birth have ramifications for policies and programs that get young women back in school even if they have given birth.