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Greater Reduction in Stunting Than Underweight and Wasting in Indian Under-Five Children: A Comparison of Growth Indicators from 4 National Family Health Surveys
Authors: Khadilkar Anuradha, Gondhalekar Ketan, Khadilkar Vaman, Ekbote Veena
Source: Indian Journal of Pediatrics, DOI:
Topic(s): Children under five
Country: Asia
Published: JUN 2022
Abstract: Objective: To assess change in nutritional status in Indian under-five children from four rounds of national surveys (round 1 to 4). Methods: National Family Health Survey data from 4 rounds (1992–2016) were analyzed. Height and weight for age (HAZ, WAZ), and weight for height (WHZ) z scores were calculated. Children under?-2 z score were classified as malnourished by HAZ, WAZ and WHZ. Results: A greater reduction in stunting (from 54 to 38%, p??0.1) status over the period of 4 NFHS rounds was observed from 1992 to 2016. In line with this, combination of improved height for age (-2.1?±?1.8 to?-1.5?±?1.7) but relatively less improved weight for age (-1.8?±?1.4 to?-1.5?±?1.2), the change in wasting status was either nil or meagre (-0.8?±?1.4 to?-0.9?±?1.4), (p?