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Determinants and spatial distribution of institutional delivery in Ethiopia: evidence from Ethiopian Mini Demographic and Health Surveys 2019
Authors: Girma Gilano, Samuel Hailegebreal & Biniyam Tariku Seboka
Source: Archives of Public Health, Volume 80, issue 65; DOI:
Topic(s): Institutional births
Spatial analysis
Country: Africa
Published: FEB 2022
Abstract: Background: Over the past few decades, maternal and child mortality had drawn the attention of governments and policymakers. Institutional delivery has been among the implementations needed to reduce maternal and child mortality. The fact that the problem was persisted intensified studies to research for more factors. Thus, the current study was intended for further analyses of EMDHS to identify the magnitude, spatial patterns, and predictors of institutional delivery. Methods: A cross-sectional survey data from EMDHS 2019 was analyzed involving 5488 reproductive-age women regarding institutional deliveries. We presented descriptive statistics using mean, standard deviations, and proportions. To check the nature of the distribution of institutional delivery, we applied the global Moran’s I statistics. Getis-Ord Gi statistics was applied to detect spatial locations, and we applied spatial interpolation to predict unknown locations of institutional delivery using the Ordinary Kriging method. Kulldorff’s SatScan was also applied to identify the specific local clustering nature of institutional delivery using the Bernoulli method. We applied multilevel binary logistic regression for the scrutiny of individual and community-level factors. We applied P?