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Exploration of factors influencing men’s attitude toward women empowerment in Zambia
Authors: Brian Mumba
Source: African Geographical Review, DOI:
Topic(s): Women's autonomy
Country: Africa
Published: DEC 2020
Abstract: The study explored factors associated with men’s attitude toward the empowerment of women in Zambia using Multiple and Logistic regression analyses on a total subsample of 6705 men who participated in 2018 Zambia Demography and Health Survey. The findings revealed that region, education level, work status, marital status, and age are better predictors of men’s attitude toward women empowerment, explaining about 8% of variations in men’s attitudes toward violence against women and women involvement in decision making and about 28% toward women ownership of property. The results contribute to empowerment literature and nongovernmental organisations advocating for women empowerment.