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The utilization profile of place for HIV testing in Indonesia: A nationwide study
Authors: Nancy Oliia, Hidayat Arifin, Yulia Kurniawati, Puspita Sukmawaty Rasyid, Bun Yamin M. Badjuka, and Bih-O Lee
Source: Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, DOI:
Topic(s): Health care utilization
HIV testing
Country: Asia
Published: OCT 2021
Abstract: Utilization of health facilities for HIV testing is an important indicator to record and track the spread and infection of HIV in Indonesia. This study aimed to determine the description of the utilization of places for HIV test in Indonesia nationwide. An analytical descriptive study was undertaken. Data from Indonesia Demographic Health Survey was used with total of 22,193 respondents aged 15–54?years. We used Descriptive and logistic regression to analyze the data with p?