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Gender Based Violence: Correlates of Physical and Sexual Wife Abuse in Kenya
Authors: Sitawa R. Kimuna and Yanyi K. Djamba
Source: Journal of Family Violence, Volume 23, Number 5 / July, 2008 (333-342)
Topic(s): Domestic violence
Women's status
Country: Africa
Published: JAN 2008
Abstract: This study explored factors associated with physical and sexual wife abuse on a sample of 4,876 married women aged 15–49 years in the 2003 Kenya Demographic Health Survey. Results indicate that 40% of married women reported at least one type of violence; 36% were physical and 13% were sexual. Multivariate analysis showed that living in poorer households, being Christian, being in a polygamous marriage, having a husband who drinks alcohol, and being in sales, agricultural, or unskilled jobs significantly increased the wife’s risk of physical and sexual abuse. Wife’s education had significant effect on both physical and sexual abuse, but the relationships were not linear. Wife’s age and number of children were significantly associated only with physical abuse; husband’s education had a marginal but significant effect only on sexual abuse. Research implications are discussed.