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The determinants of fertility in rural Peru: Program effects in the early years of the national family planning program
Authors: Gustavo Angeles , David K. Guilkey and Thomas A. Mroz
Source: Journal of Population Economics, Volume 18, Number 2 / June, 2005
Topic(s): Data models
Country: Latin American/Caribbean
Published: SEP 2005
Abstract: Using data from the 1991 Peru Demographic Health Survey, a linked Situation Analysis, and a unique region-level data set, this paper examines the determinants of fertility in rural Peru before and after the 1985 enactment of its National Policy on Population. The empirical framework combines a model of the timing and spacing of conceptions with a model of the timing of the placement of family planning services in communities in order to control for non-random placement of services. Results show the program helped reduce fertility post 1985. The magnitude of the effects is quantified with simulations.