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Late attendance of maternal health care services: A Nepalese context
Authors: Rameswor Baral
Source: Nursing and Palliative Care, DOI: 10.15761/NPC.1000174
Topic(s): Maternal health
Service utilization
Country: Asia
Published: MAR 2018
Abstract: This article is trying to attempt that the Nepalese maternal health care services, its associated concepts, situation and tries to find out the factors influencing for late attending it. Small changes to the system will result in small results; the changes need to be sustained over a very long period, even after the change is detected. It will be changed by strict monitoring and healthy feedback system can revive the whole system. Reducing MMR and fertility are remains a key health challenges in Nepal. Drastic changes will appear within a couple of years, strategic planning will illustrate how your current system is affected and will be affected by the change to improve the health care services and to reach the desired goal. Improving the quality of health services is difficult a well important issue in Nepal. The Government should involve and operate the only way is increasing public private partnership at each level of health care will be helpful. More efforts should be given to educating society in general and mothers in particular, to strengthen community participation and to increase the accessibility of reproductive health care services. Moreover, providing accurate information about the services provided in the health institutions is required from the concerned GOs and NGOs.