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Is There Any Link Between Death of Preceding Child and Child Health Care Services Utilization for Subsequent Birth?
Authors: Shubhranshu Kumar Upadhyay, Shobhit Srivastava, Ratna Patel, Shekhar Chauhan, and Manoj Alagarajan
Source: Indian Journal of Pediatrics, Volume 88; DOI:
Topic(s): Child health
Childhood mortality
Health care utilization
Service utilization
Country: Asia
Published: AUG 2020
Abstract: An important line of inquiry is to find an association between death of preceding child and Child Health Care (CHC) services utilization for subsequent births. Study hypothesized that there was no difference in CHC services utilization for subsequent birth by previous child survival status. Data from National Family Health Survey, 2015–16, was used. Bivariate analysis and logistic regression were used to assess the results. Result found that if previous child were alive, then 60% and 26% of the succeeding child would get full immunization and postnatal care (PNC), respectively, whereas, if preceding child were dead, then 64% and 28% of the succeeding child would receive full immunization and PNC, respectively. Further results found that odds for full immunization [AOR: 1.21; p < 0.05; CI: 1.09–1.34] and PNC [AOR: 1.09, p < 0.05, CI: 1.03–1.15] were higher for the succeeding child if the preceding child was dead. Multiple approaches are required to increase awareness about the benefits of CHC services.