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Household factors associated with infant and under-five mortality in sub-Saharan Africa countries
Authors: Michael Ekholuenetale, Anthony Ike Wegbom, Godson Tudeme, and Adeyinka Onikan
Source: International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy, 14(1): 1-15; DOI: 10.1186/s40723-020-00075-1
Topic(s): Child health
Childhood mortality
Children under five
Infant mortality
Country: Africa
  Multiple African Countries
Published: AUG 2020
Abstract: Background Child mortality has become a prominent public health issue in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The mortality rates can in part be translated to how communities meet the health needs of children and address key household and environmental risk factors. Though discussions on the trends and magnitude of child mortality continue as to strategize for a lasting solution, large gap exists specifically in family characteristics associated with child death. Moreover, household dynamics of child mortality in SSA is under researched despite the fact that mortality rates remain high. This study aimed to examine the influence of household structure on child mortality in SSA. Methods Secondary data from birth histories in recent Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) in 35 SSA countries were used in this study. The total sample data of children born in the 5 years prior to the surveys were 384,747 births between 2008 and 2017. Unadjusted and adjusted Cox proportional hazard regression model was fitted to model infant and under-five mortality. The measure of association was hazard ratio (HR) with 95% confidence interval (CI). Statistical test was conducted at p?