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Intimate partner violence and unmet need for contraceptive use among Ethiopian women living in marital union
Authors: Negussie Deyessa, and Abebaye Argaw
Source: Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, 32(3)
Topic(s): Contraception
Domestic violence
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
Unmet need
Country: Africa
Published: OCT 2018
Abstract: Background: The nature of the association between intimate partner violence (IPV) and unmet need for family planning is likely complex. It is important to understand the relationship in low-resource settingswhere the rates of IPV and unmet need for contraceptives are high,even after controlling for socio-demographic and other important reproductive health factors. Methods:The study employed a cross-sectional design using data from the 2016 EthiopianDemographicandHealth Survey. A total of 2810 woman in marital union were included in the study. Interviews with the women assessed unmet need for contraceptivesusing the indicator of whether the last pregnancy was wanted at the time of conception, or not wanted at all. Intimate partner violence was defined as a woman having experienced either physical or sexual violence by their partner. The association wasillustrated crudely and after adjusting for some sociodemographic and reproductive characteristics of the women. Results:The study found that the lifetime prevalence of intimate partner violence among women in marital union was23.8%. The level of unmet need for contraceptives for the last pregnancy was 22.0%, (13.9% for spacing and 8.1% for total limiting of bearing a child). Intimate partner violence, measured by experience of physical or sexual violence, was strongly associated with unmet need for contraceptives, even after adjusting for some sociodemographic, fertility, and gender related characteristics [AOR=3.03; 95% CI, (2.45, 3.75)]. Conclusion: Intimate partner is strongly associated with unmet need for contraceptives among Ethiopian women living in marital union. Policy makers working in family planning should consider prevention of gender-based violence, particularly intimate partner violence. [Ethiop. J. Health Dev. 2018;32(3):00-000] Key words: IPV, Unmet need, contraception, Ethiopia, EDHS