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Trends and temporal patterns of infant mortality in Nigeria
Authors: Modupe Alake Ayoade
Source: GeoJournal, Published online; DOI: 10.1007/s10708-020-10166-8
Topic(s): Child health
Infant mortality
Country: Africa
Published: FEB 2020
Abstract: This study examines long term trends and temporal patterns/changes in infant mortality by location and by key variables across states in Nigeria using descriptive and statistical techniques and spatial autocorrelation measures. Trend analysis was based on data from the 2003, 2008 and 2013 NDHS and World Bank database (1964–2015). Infant mortality rates fell nationally, in rural and urban areas, in geo-political zones (except in the Southeast) and in most states over time. The largest reductions were primarily concentrated in the North and Southsouth regions, though these areas still had relatively high mortality rates compared to other regions. Statistical analysis also showed significant variations in infant mortality over time by demographic and socioeconomic characteristics within Nigeria. Spatial autocorrelation measures indicated an overall random pattern in the percent change of infant mortality rates among states between surveys except between the 2003 and 2013 surveys where a clustered pattern was identified. Findings suggest that some progress has been made in reducing infant mortality rates in Nigeria particularly in most of the areas with very high infant mortality rates. However, the Nigerian government must intensify efforts to reduce infant mortality rates if Nigeria ever hopes to achieve the post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.