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Regional Differences in Usage of Antenatal Care and Safe Delivery Services in Indonesia: Findings from a Nationally Representative Survey
Authors: Vrijesh Tripathi, and Rajvir Singh
Source: BMJ Open, 7(2): e013408; DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2016-013408
Topic(s): Antenatal care
Delivery care
Health care utilization
Maternal health
Country: Asia
Published: FEB 2017
Abstract: Background: Indonesia has shown a nominal increase in antenatal care (ANC) coverage from 93% to 96% in the Indonesia Demographic Health Survey (IDHS)-2012. This is high but for a comprehensive assessment of maternal health coverage in Indonesia, safe delivery services need to be assessed in conjunction with ANC coverage. Materials and methods: The study uses survey data from the IDHS-2012 that was conducted among women aged 15-49 years who gave birth during the past 3 years preceding the survey. Socioeconomic and demographic factors affecting ANC coverage and safe delivery services are analysed by segregating the data into 7 regions of Indonesia. Results: Multivariate results show that besides wealth and education differentials, regional differences significantly affect the usage of ANC and safe delivery services across the 7 regions. Univariate analyses show that Sulawesi, Maluku and Western New Guinea islands are at a disadvantage in accessing ANC and safe delivery services. Conclusions: The study recommends that disaggregated regional targets be set in order to further reduce maternal mortality rates in Indonesia. Keywords: Antenatal Care; Health Services; Health inequalities; Maternal Health; Safe delivery.