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A stakeholder workshop about modelled maps of key malaria indicator survey indicators in Madagascar
Authors: Rosalind E. Howes, Kaleem Hawa, Voahangy Fanomezana Andriamamonjy, Thierry Franchard, Raharizo Miarimbola, Sedera Aurélien Mioramalala, Jean Florent Rafamatanantsoa, Mirana Ando Mbolatiana Rahantamalala, Solo Harimalala Rajaobary, Hariniaina David Gaël Rajaonera, Andrianiaina Parfait Rakotonindrainy, Clairaut Rakotoson Andrianjatonavalona, Dina Ny Aina Liantsoa Randriamiarinjatovo, et al.
Source: Malaria Journal, 18(90); DOI:10.1186/s12936-019-2729-7
Topic(s): GIS/GPS
Country: Africa
Published: MAR 2019
Abstract: The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program has supported three household Malaria Indicator Surveys (MIS) in Madagascar. The results of 13 key malaria indicators from these surveys have been mapped as continuous surfaces using model-based geostatistical methods. The opportunities and limitations of these mapped outputs were discussed during a workshop in Antananarivo, Madagascar in July 2018, attended by 15 representatives from various implementation, policy and research stakeholder institutions in Madagascar. Participants evaluated the findings from the maps, using these to develop figures and narratives to support their work in the control of malaria in Madagascar.