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Menopause: An emerging issue in India
Authors: Syamala, T.S., M. Sivakami
Source: Economic and Political Weekly, Vol 40, Num 47, Page: 4923-4930
Topic(s): Menopause
Country: Asia
Published: MAR 2005
Abstract: This paper analyses the National Family Health Survey-2 data in order to assess the variations in the levels of menopause in India and its states. It also examines the non-biological correlates of menopause and highlights the emerging issues of menopause. The variations with respect to different socio-economic, demographic, nutritional and reproduction-related variables imply that by and large women from the poor socio-economic sections reach menopause early compared with their counterparts. As India is still characterised by a large number of illiterate women with a low age at marriage and early childbearing with poor nutritional levels, the problem of early menopause may continue to be a burden in the future too.