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Is the spousal age difference in West Bengal leading to spousal violence?
Authors: Dipika Subba
Source: International Research journal of Management Sociology & Humanities [IRJMSH], 6(4): 234-249; DOI: 10.32804/IRJMSH
Topic(s): Gender-based violence (GBV)
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
Country: Asia
Published: APR 2015
Abstract: Spousal Violence is a serious problem in India. It has severe physical and mental consequences, and is increasingly treated as a threat to human rights. The present paper seeks to understand the level of prevalence of domestic violence in the selected state of West Bengal. It tries to explore the relationship between spousal age difference and spousal violence. Further, an attempt has also made to identify the factors responsible for high spousal violence in West Bengal. The data is derived from National Family Health Survey (NFHS III) round 3, 2005-06. Both bivariate and logistic regression are used to assess the net effects of socio-demographic and economic factors on spousal violence. The study reveals that despite having high spousal age differences in West Bengal it does not have any significant influence on Spousal violence. Women’s education, Husband’s education, Wealth Index and Work status of women are significantly related to concurrence with wife beating. The paper concludes with the suggestion that more emphasis should be given to the spread of education and improving the living standard of the people by implementing proper and effective policy focusing mainly towards preventing violence against women in the state. Further, efforts should also be made to raise awareness among people about domestic violence and its resultant consequences.