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Does Infant Mortality Regulate Fertility Behaviour of Women in Uttar Pradesh? A Causality Test Analysis
Authors: Brijesh P. Singh, Shweta Dixit, and Sandeep Singh
Source: Demography India, 46(1): 38-47
Topic(s): Fertility
Infant mortality
Country: Asia
Published: JAN 2017
Abstract: The two major aspect of demography is fertility and mortality in India. Several studies are already been taken place in the past on fertility and mortality separately and about their cross sectional relationship but this study has been done specially keeping the question of the actual cause of the increase between the two. For which the longitudinal relation between fertility and mortality has been considered here. This work is an attempt to run some time series analysis for the mortality and fertility in the most populated state of India i.e. Uttar Pradesh and explains the cause of this increasing trend through granger causality among the proxy measures of mortality and fertility i.e. IMR and TFR respectively. The application of these models is illustrated through real data taken from Sample Registration System (SRS) data and National Family Health Survey-III (2005-06) for the major state of India