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Advices on RCH during Ante-natal Care and its Association on Utilizations and Practices of RCH Services in India
Authors: Priyanka Yadav
Source: Demography India, Special Issue (2018): 141-154
Topic(s): Antenatal care
Health care utilization
Household decision-making
Institutional births
Maternal health
Country: Asia
Published: OCT 2018
Abstract: Men were often excluded from participating in routine care because the medical system does not accommodate them and the community considers maternal care as exclusively women?s domain. Purpose of this disquisition is to analyse the extent of advice and discussion given to husband and wife during Ante-natal care and its utilization and practices in India. The method of working is quantitative. Study is emanate from National family health survey-3 data with the methodology used bivariate analysis to present the data and Phi and Cramer v tests for measured the association between independent and dependent variables. Evaluation of this paper where both husband and wife adviced for ANCs, both husband and wife advised for the institutional delivery is 3.4 times more likely to go for institutional delivery and the level of using modern method of family planning is 2.3 times more likely where both husband and wife advised. Thus, it may be get crucial to get husbands involved, since they are often the decision-makers, the ones who have the accompany the women to a clinic and the one who pay for care.