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Determinants of HIV Testing among Sexually Active Young People in Zambia
Authors: Anitha J. Menon, Sidney O. C. Mwaba, and Kusathan Thankian
Source: IJAH: International Journal of Arts and Humanities, 6(4): 130-143; DOI: 10.4314/ijah.v6i4.12
Topic(s): HIV testing
Sexual behavior
Country: Africa
Published: SEP 2017
Abstract: This study used data from the 2013 Zambia Demographic Health Survey (ZDHS) based on a nationally representative sample carried out by Central Statistical Office of Zambia. This paper analyzed a special module designed to collect information on the extent of the uptake of HIV testing by sexually active young people in Zambia. The analysis of this paper is based on 1879 young women aged 15-19 and 2747 aged 20-24 years respectively. Their male counterparts were 1675 aged 15-19 and 2005 aged 20-24 years. Overall 84% of females and 57% of males reported having tested for HIV. Regression analysis further showed that age, place of residence, work status, educational level, consistency of condom use and number of sex partners were significantly related to the uptake of HIV testing for both female and male participants. Young sexually active people should be availed affordable educational opportunities which in turn will hopefully accord them to viable economic opportunities. The media exposure to the young men and women should preach consistent condom use as well as a reduction in their sexual partners. Key Words: HIV testing; Sexually active; Condom use; Prevalence