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Recent Changes in Health Status of Women in Bihar through National Family Health Survey Window
Authors: Rahul Singh, Alok
Source: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 12(4): IE01 - IE05; DOI: 10.7860/JCDR/2018/33975.11413
Topic(s): Body Mass Index (BMI)
Cesarean section
Delivery care
Infant mortality
Maternal health
Country: Asia
Published: APR 2018
Abstract: Bihar is one of the states of India having lowest health profile. The accessibility of health facility is very poor and due to dire poverty, people are becoming malnourished. The main objective of this study was to assess the change in health status of women in Bihar through various indicators and compare this with corresponding changes at national level based on NFHS-3 and 4 fact sheets. The selected indicators are divided into three dimensions: nutritional status, maternal health care status and some determinants of women’s health. The indicators which were compared under the dimension of nutritional status include BMI, obesity and anaemic status of women in pregnancy and reproductive span period. Under the dimension of maternal health care status, the indicators which were compared includes antenatal care, consumption of iron-folic acid during pregnancy, postnatal care, neonatal tetanus, institutional births, birth assisted by health personnel, birth delivered by caesarean section under private and public health facility both. Whereas under the dimension of some determinant of women’s health: women’s literacy, child marriage, HIV/AIDS knowledge, uses of contraceptive method and tobacco consumption were compared. Almost all indicators showed some improvement during the reference period except percentage of overweight women and caesarean delivery which have increased to double between the reference period and utilisation of any contraception method which have decreased both at Bihar and national level. There is a need to spread health education for equitable health development and development policies should be framed in accordance with factors prevailing with in the locality.