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Adolescent motherhood in Bangladesh: Evidence from 2007 BDHS data
Authors: S.M. Mostafa Kamal
Source: Canadian Studies in Population, 39(1-2):63-82 DOI 10.25336/P6KG7R
Topic(s): Fertility
Country: Asia
Published: MAR 2012
Abstract: This paper examines the factors affecting adolescent motherhood in Bangladesh using the 2007 Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey data. Overall, 69.3 per cent of the married adolescents began childbearing. Among them 56.4 per cent were already mothers and 12.9per cent were pregnant for the first time. Of the adult married women age 20–49, 62.1 per cent initiated childbearing before age 19. The multiple logistic regression analyses revealed that women’s education, husband’s education, place of residence, ever use of contraceptive method, religion, wealth and region are important determinants of adolescent motherhood in Bangladesh.