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Intimate Partner Violence and Contraceptive Use among Married Women in South-South Nigeria
Authors: Olowoporoku Ayodeji John, and Ajayi Adeola
Source: Scholedge International Journal of Multidisciplinary & Allied Studies, 4(1): 1-9; DOI: 10.19085/journal.sijmas040101
Topic(s): Contraception
Domestic violence
Gender-based violence (GBV)
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
Country: Africa
Published: JAN 2017
Abstract: This study outlines intimate partner violence and contraceptive use among married women in South-South Nigeria. Attempt was made to investigate association between intimate partner violence and use of contraception among married women in south-south Nigeria. This study utilized secondary data. Secondary data were extracted from 2013, Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) dataset. Out of the 38,948 women interviewed, this study employed sample of the 4,932 women representing the number of married women in South-South Nigeria. The analysis were done in two stages of univariate and bivariate analysis. The result showed that almost all the married women use contraceptive which indicated that contraceptive use varies significantly by age of married women, education, place of resident, wealth status and occupation. The study concluded that married women who have ever experienced sexual violence are more likely to adopt contraception than married women whose experienced physical violence and emotional violence. Keywords Gender Studies, domestic violence