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Stagnation of Ghana's under-5 mortality rate
Authors: Pond B., E. Addai, S.T. Kwashie
Source: Lancet, Vol 365, Num 9474, Page: 1846; doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(05)66610-X
Topic(s): Childhood mortality
Country: Africa
Published: JAN 2005
Abstract: Trends in GDHS data from surveys in 1988,2 1993, 1998, and 2003 are shown in the figure. Although these findings must be interpreted with caution because of the wide confidence intervals (shown only for neonatal mortality for the 2003 GDHS), the data suggest that although Ghana's under-5 mortality rate dropped by 28% (44 per 1000 livebirths) between the 5 years preceding the 1988 survey and the 5 years preceding the 2003 survey, 72% of this decline is due to a reduction in deaths in the 12—59-month age-group, and 26% is due to a reduction in mortality in those aged 1—11 months. Aside from a possible decline during the years preceding the 1998 GDHS survey, neonatal mortality (ie, in those younger than 1 month) has remained largely unchanged throughout this period.