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Sikap Remaja terhadap Keperawanan dan Perilaku Seksual dalam Berpacaran
Authors: Desi Rusmiati, and Sutanto Priyo Hastono
Source: Kesmas: National Public Health Journal, 10(1): 29; DOI:
Topic(s): First intercourse
Sexual behavior
Country: Asia
Published: AUG 2015
Abstract: Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) reports in 2007 and 2012 show a declining number of teenagers who had positive attitude to the importance of maintaining virginity for a woman. The same report also shows an increase of teenage sexual behavior in terms of holding hands, kissing, petting and intercourse. This study aimed to prove any relation of teenage attitudes toward virginity with sexual behavior in dating that involved age, sex, education, domicile, age of first dating, knowledge and peers’influence as confounding variables. This study was quantitative with cross-sectional design using risk factor model based on IDHS 2012 data as analyzed in univariate, bivariate and multivariate with complex samples. Population of study was 15 – 24 year-old teenagers, unmarried, ever or being in a relationship when the survey was conducted. The amount of sample was 13,013 consisting of 7,329 men and 5,684 women. Results showed 1.1% of teenagers disagreed of the importance of maintaining virginity and 25.2% had risky sexual behavior. There was a relation of attitude, age, sex, knowledge and peers’ influence with sexual behavior. Then no interaction found between attitudes with age, sex, education, knowledge and peers’influence. Peers’ influence variable is confounding variable affecting the relation between attitudes and sexual behavior.