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Association between HIV programs and quality of maternal health inputs and processes in Kenya
Authors: Kruk ME, Jakubowski A, Rabkin M, Kimanga DO, Kundu F, Lim T, Lumumba V, Oluoch T, Robinson KA, and El-Sadr W
Source: American Journal of Public Health, 105(Suppl 2):S207-10; doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2014.302511.
Topic(s): HIV/AIDS
Maternal health
Mother-to-Child Transmission
Country: Africa
Published: APR 2015
Abstract: We assessed whether quality of maternal and newborn health services is influenced by presence of HIV programs at Kenyan health facilities using data from a national facility survey. Facilities that provided services to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission had better prenatal and postnatal care inputs, such as infrastructure and supplies, and those providing antiretroviral therapy had better quality of prenatal and postnatal care processes. HIV-related programs may have benefits for quality of care for related services in the health system.