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Population policies and fertility reduction in Burkina Faso: Limits and prospects [Politiques de population et réduction de la fécondité au Burkina Faso : limites et perspectives]
Authors: Zan L. Moussa
Source: African Population Studies, 30(2 Supplement): 2601-1613; DOI:
Topic(s): Contraception
Family planning
Country: Africa
  Burkina Faso
Published: JUL 2016
Abstract: This article aims to understand the action of population policies on contraceptive use and fertility according to the variation of level of education and residence area in Burkina Faso. It uses data from the Burkina Demographic and health survey of 1998 and 2010 and the "method of decomposition". It appears that family planning policies have had important effects on contraceptive knowledge and use. However, the impact of modern contraceptive use on fertility decline is quite limited thus showing the importance of other development policies in the fertility decline. We recommend a continuation of family planning policies but the country must be focusing on the access of girls and women to education and the improvement of living conditions of the population. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]