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A Semiparametric Sequential Ordinal Model with Applications to Analyse First Birth Intervals
Authors: Lawrence Kazembe
Source: Austrian Journal of Statistics, 38(2): 83–99
Topic(s): Birth interval
Spatial analysis
Country: Africa
Published: JUL 2009
Abstract: A semiparametric sequential ordinal model is proposed to analyze socio-demographic and spatial determinants of first birth intervals after marriage. Random effects are introduced to capture spatially structured and unstructured latent covariates. The structured effects are modelled by assuming conditional autoregressive priors, and for the unstructured effects we use an exchangeable Gaussian prior, while the smooth effects of continuous covariates are modelled by penalized splines. Inference is based on the mixed model approach. The model is applied to data from a cross-sectional survey. Compared to a spatial parametric predictor, the spatial semiparametric model better fits the data. Keywords: Mixed-Model based Inference, Spatial Modelling, Malawi.