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Factors associated with HIV testing and receiving results during antenatal care in Tanzania
Authors: Innocent Semali, Damian Jeremia Damian, Happiness Pius Saronga, and Deogratius Malamsha
Source: African Population Studies, 28(2 Supplement): 1035-1045; DOI:
Topic(s): Antenatal care
HIV testing
Country: Africa
Published: JUL 2014
Abstract: Mother to child transmission of HIV (MTCT) control goal is achievable when all pregnant mothers test for HIV and collect the results enabling timely eligibility and access to anti-retroviral therapy (ART). This study aimed to determine factors associated with uptake of HIV testing during antenatal care in Tanzania. Using 2011-2012 Tanzania HIV and Malaria Indicator Survey data, 3555 women who attended antenatal clinic and delivered in the last two years were analyzed. One was considered HIV tested if she took HIV test and collected results. Bivariate and multivariate analysis was done using STATA version 12. High proportion (76%) tested for HIV during antenatal care, factors significantly associated (p<0.05) with testing included receiving information on HIV testing during antenatal care, age, education and wealth. Proportion taking HIV test was high, prevention of MTCT (PMTCT) strategies should focus on increasing information on testing during antenatal care (ANC), targeting the young, less educated and poor.